Briquetting press

Do you own carpentry business and you do not know what you should do with the waste? Are you overwhelmed with sawdust and shavings? Does it seem unreasonable to pay so much for waste disposal? Then read carefully below the offer of the FALACH company - manufacturer and distributor of briquetting presses. Right for you are intended FALACH quality briquetting presses.

Briquetting presses are suitable for all workshops from which arise waste as sawdust or shavings.


Why choose briquetting presses with us?


  1. Quality briquetting presses!
  2. Briquetting presses are easy to use!
  3. Briquetting presses for reasonable prices!

FALACH briquetting presses, that is the right solution for you and your waste.

Thanks to quality and reasonable prices of briquetting presses will your investment that you made in briquetting presses, quickly revert back and also you will feel good about your environmentally friendly processing of waste.


Briquetting presses and its types


FALACH produces five basic types of of briquetting presses, namely briquetting press FALACH 30, briquetting press FALACH 35, briquetting press FALACH 50, briquetting press FALACH 70 and briquetting press FALACH-100.

For more information on the various types of briquetting presses FALACH visit the section briquetting presses.


Briquetting press FALACH 50


The FALACH 50 briquetting press is equipped with a cooler of the hydraulic oil that ensures the possibility of continuous operation. The working cycle can be compressed in the case of processing dusty material. It ensures smaller higher quality briquettes, but it does not reduce the total capacity of the press.


Briquetting press FALACH 30 and briquetting press FALACH 35

The FALACH 30 and FALACH 35  briquetting presses have a very similar design and the same dimensions. These types of presses have increased volumes of the oil tanks instead of the hydraulic oil cooler. Briquetting press has the possibility of continuous operation.


Briquetting press FALACH 100


Briquetting press FALACH 100 is bigger version of the timeproven type Falach 50. Diameter of the briquettes is 70 mm, the engine of the pump has power input of 11 kW.


Briquetting press FALACH 70

The FALACH 70  briquetting press has a very similar design and the same dimension. This type of press has increased volume of the oil tank instead of the hydraulic oil cooler. Briquetting press has the possibility of continuous operation.


Briquette Press FALACH and their prolonged pressing punches

The elongated pressing die also fulfils the function of briquette cooling, the quality of which can be regulated easily by the adjustment of the compacting pressure. The energy used for the pressing is utilized up to the maximum level thanks to the using of the nip by the leverage in combination with the sequence valves (protected by the utility model). The machines are designed from commonly available components. This ensures cheaper extended service and maintenance.


Also your waste can earn thanks to briquetting presses


Does wood waste arise at your work? Then you should own a device through which you could treat waste in your own workshop. If you yourself do not have the technology to process wood waste, then you are wasting money that you could get thanks to it.

Buy your own briquetting press and you do not pay for recycling and conversely earn much more by selling wood briquettes incurred.

How briquetting press work?


For information about the operation of briquetting press look at our video gallery, where you can clearly see how easy it is to process your waste thanks FALACH briquetting presses.

How briquetting press look like?


See how briquetting presses FALACH actually look and visit our photo gallery.

Have questions about briquetting presses FALACH?  


If you are interested in additional information about the briquetting presses, please contact us through our contact form and we shall be glad to answer your questions.  


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