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FALACH company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of briquetting presses that use primarily used by woodworking shops, becauseof their large amount of waste produced during their activity..

Briguetting presses Falach

Briguetting presses Falach offer

In our offer are presses FALACH 30,35,50,70,100. These are different kinds for a variety of applications in several price categories. Construction of presses FALACH is formed so as to guarantee a high resistance and low failure rate.

For more information about FALACH briquetting presses and their types, see the section briquetting presses.

Quick return of the price of briquetting press

The main advantage of our products FALACH is quality, easy maintenance and affordable price. This alltogether guarantees a faster return on investment in briquetting press FALACH.

How briquetting press works?

For informations about the operation of briquetting press look at our video gallery, where you can clearly see how easy it is to process your waste thanks to FALACH briquetting presses.

Take look at the photo gallery of briquetting presses

See how briquetting presses FALACH actually look and visit our photo gallery.

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