Hydraulic briquetting presses

FALACH briquetting presses are mainly used for carpentry facilities, which has not yet resolved the problem of the disposal of waste (sawdust, wood shavings). Thanks to FALACH briquetting presses  we now have an easy solution for you to efficiently handle your waste.

The presses are intended for joiner’s workshops that have not solved the problem of waste disposal (sawdust, chips) yet.

Functionality of briquetting presses FALACH 

 A new pressing system, hardened punch and carbonitridized die ensure the high durability of the pressing chamber. The elongated pressing die also fulfils the function of briquette cooling, the quality of which can be regulated easily by the adjustment of the compacting pressure. The energy used for the pressing is utilized up to the maximum level thanks to the using of the nip by the leverage in combination with the sequence valves (protected by the utility model).

Continuous operation of briquetting presses


Briquetting presses FALACH 50 are equipped with a hydraulic oil cooler, which ensures the possibility of continuous operation.


Briquetting presses FALACH 30 and 35 have instead of hydraulic oil cooler  increased oil tank capacity. Continuous operation of briquetting press is therefore also possible.


Briquetting press FALACH 100 is bigger version of the timeproven type Falach 50. Diameter of the briquettes is 70 mm, the engine of the pump has power input of 11 kW.


Briquetting presses FALACH 70 have instead of hydraulic oil cooler  increased oil tank capacity. Continuous operation of briquetting press is therefore also possible.

FALACH briquetting presses are constructed from commonly available parts, ensuring significantly cheaper customer service and maintenance.

Briquettes from briquetting presses FALACH

Weight of the briquettes is 900 kg/m3, briquette diameter is 50 mm and is suitable for burning in domestic fireplaces, stoves, boilers, including solid fuel boilers with automatic screw feeder. Moisture content of the material is up to 15%.

When using the dust material, it is possible to shorten the cycle of the briquetting press, ensuring higher quality briquettes of smaller length, but does not reduce overall performance.  

Parameters of hydraulic of briquetting presses FALACH


For your reference below we present the different technical parameters of three types of briquetting presses FALACH that you can buy with us.


Type identification
Dimensions – length - width – height
186 - 89 - 110 cm
222 - 120 - 151cm
Briquette diameter
50 mm
70 mm
Press capacity
25 - 40 kg / hour
40 - 60 kg / hour
60 - 80 kg / hour
90 - 120 kg / hour
Briquette length approx.
20-40 mm
adjustable 35 mm
40 – 60 mm
adjustable 45 mm
Weight of press
400 kg
390 kg
840 kg
810 kg
Hopper volume
0.33 m3
0,75 m3
Pump motor input
4 kW
5.5 kW
7,5 kW
11 kW
Power consumption
2.2 kW / hour
3.8 kW / hour
4,9 kW/ hour
8,2 kW/ hour
Oil cooler
Automatic reverse of support wheels
Automatic switching-out
Maximum percentage of moisture
15 %
Specific weight of briquettes
900 kg / m3
900-1100 kg/m3
Maximum noise level
68 dB






























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